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    Rental System designed specifically for the rental industry. This includes features requested by companies that are in the rental business.

    Rental Database designed with growth in mind. Limited only by available disk space. Handles unlimited number of orders, items, customers, inventory, etc. whether you have 10 or 100,000

    Real time multi-user system. Multi-site or remote access capability. In most cases, you can use your existing hardware and operating system. Use standard companion hardware/software such as barcode readers or WinFax. There is no need for expensive and hard to find Oracle or Unix consultants to maintain or setup this system.

    Cross platform database system. Runs on both PCs and Macs.


    Easily rent or reserve any inventory item.

    Powerful search mode allows complex multiple data field searches. Find the right item easily and quickly. Narrow your selection by typing a few characters of the description, model, group, code, serial or barcode

    Internal scheduling system tracks availibility for all items in inventory for any date range.

    Visual color flagging of inventory conflicts is done automatically. Easily track overdue or unavailable items too.

    Quotes, Reservations, Contracts can be modified until converted into an Invoice. Add or delete items easily with many ways to search for a particular item.

    Pop up Calendar Input for selecting Rental Period

    Rental Kits group related items with group pricing.

    Flexible enough to handle subrental items and consignment rentals

    Keep track of service and repair history for each inventory item.

    Maintain a part list of inventory items made of several components.

    Maintain a common supplier list for all items


    Reports that produce useful information. You select the information you wish to print. You select the sorting and report header. Print or Preview mode available. Prints on standard laser/inkjet printers. No preprinted forms required.

    Contact management system included. Create and Send Form Letters and Faxes. Use data from any part of this database as part of the letter. Prints matching Labels and Envelopes in a variety of sizes.

    Master Report Selection from a single screen. Choose from over 100 Reports.

    Print Quotes, Reservations, Contracts, Packing Slips, Status Reports and many more for your orders.

    Payments are tracked for each rental order. Aging Report identifies overdue accounts.

    Conflict and Availability Report for each item. Print Utilization and Return on Investment Report as well.

    Export Invoices to QuickBooks. Export Customer List to other programs.

    Automatic Website. Create and maintain a complete website catalog of all your rental items at the push of a button. Easy to update price and item list as often as you want.

  1. Order
    Main Menu
  2. Order Terms
    Select Customer
    Select Salesperson
    Select Referral
    Select Rent Period - Calendar Input
    Payment List
    Duplicate Order

  3. Order Items
    Item List 1
  4. Item List 2
    Extended Item List
    Select Item
    Pickup Items
    Return Items
    Item Detail
    Item Detail-Kit List
    Item Detail-Notes
    Item Detail-Assessory List

  5. Item Availability / Utilization
    Item Shortage List
  6. Item Shortage & Conflict List
    Item Utilization List
    Item Utilization Report

  7. Reports
    Master Report Select
  8. Master Report List
    Rent Reports
    Item Reports
    Pick List Report
    Overdue Items Report
    Order List Report
    Aging Report
    Quickbooks Export

  9. Customer Database
    Address Input
  10. Contact List
    Contact Detail
    Contact Notes
    Order Terms
    Other Input
    Customer Reports
    Form Letter Input
    Form Letter

  11. Inventory Database
    Main Input
  12. Other Input
    Similar Items
    Parts List
    Service History

  13. Rent Code Database
    Main Input
  14. Notes Input
    Sales Input
    Kit Item List
    Kit Item Select
    Assessory List

  15. Employee Database
    Main Input
  16. Security Input
    1099 Report

  17. Setup Database
    Company Input
  18. Other Locations Input
    Rates Input
    Print Setup
    Rental Agreement Input

  19. Utilitity Database
  20. Manufacturer
    Sales Tax

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